About Us


I am Aakanksha Kashikar, the Founder of "Jarataari." I worked in IT for 12 years as a software professional. I quit my job after my daughter was born. After being responsible for my own expenses for 12 years, it was difficult for me to accept my dependency on my husband, despite having a good financial position.

My mother is a housewife who always desired financial independence but couldn't achieve it. However, she made sure that her daughters would not become dependent on others for their expenses. She instilled in us the passion for financial independence. I want to pass on the same legacy to my daughter and set an example for her.

When I started thinking about my own small startup, the first product that came to mind was sarees. I have always had a great affinity for premium quality and unique sarees. My personal wardrobe is filled with beautiful and unique sarees that I cherish even if they get old or damaged. Since childhood, I have had a keen eye for colours and combinations, always choosing outfits that stand out and exude elegance among my friends and family. I decided to pursue this passion for colours and unique sarees, and that's how "Jarataari" was born!

Jarataari offers specially designed and curated premium quality sarees delivered to your doorstep.

In today's online shopping world, customers often have concerns about the authenticity of products and whether they will receive exactly what they see in the pictures. So, when I envisioned launching a fashion brand, I established a set of ethics that I ensure are followed in Jarataari, no matter what.

We place utmost importance on customer satisfaction, and each product undergoes three quality checks before being displayed in our store or sent to our customers. That's why we can proudly claim to have 100% customer satisfaction.

That's all about me! I hope you will support me on my journey.

Please shop with Jarataari, and we guarantee that you will love to shop with us again. Happy Shopping!